In April 2015 Google release a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, that’s designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Googles mobile search results.

In May 2016 the company giant rolled their its second phase of this plan to force companies to enhance the mobile friendliness of their websites. If your website is already mobile-friendly then you have nothing to worry about, but if you are not or would like to check your site you can do so here with Googles mobile-friendly tool and their mobile guidelines.

This new algorithm crawls your site page-by-page, so it can take time for google to assess every individual page of your site, but you may by now you may have noticed a change in your ranking and traffic from Googles mobile search results. This update is only applicable to mobile google searches, this means no searches done on a desktop of tablet will be affected, but all web marketers should be aware of this update and the affects it could have on their rankings.

It is never too late to reap the benefits of this update, see our top tips on how to improve your sites mobile friendliness.

Think Visual, Think Design

Take a good look at your websites design, is it busy? Lots going on? A clean, simple design to your site will not only make your site more user friendly on a desktop but improve the visual view of your site on a mobile device. You only have a small window (literally) and time line to catch your audiences’ attention.

In the past, many thought that creating two sites, one for desktop and one for mobile was the best way forward, but this is a big no no!! Google has strict rules on duplicate content and can penalise you on it, why go through the time and hassle of creating and managing two sites when all you need to do is make tweaks to your current site.

Also consider the size of font and buttons on your site, viewing a CTA on your mobile is a completely different experience than viewing on your laptop.


Think about how people use a laptop verses used a mobile device. I know I personally us all eight fingers and two thumbs when using my laptop, but on my mobile all I care about is being able to use that one thumb. Is you site navigable with just one thumb? How many times have you been caught on the move having to stop to use more than one finger on your mobile device to view something correctly? This may only be a first world problem but to the busy office worker this is stressful. It’s very stressful and usually leads to people not finding the information they require from your site.

So structure your mobile navigation based on the one thumb use concept. And think content size, if someone has to pinch and zoom then it’s too small. Also always give the user the option to go to your full site, they want more content and they have all the time in the world to pinch and zoom so give them the option to.

Picture Quality. No one appreciates a pixilated image.

In this day and age high-resolution imagery is a must, end of. The latest models of iOS devices have high-definition screens that require an image double the resolution of a desktop. Displaying extremely high-resolution images will help you avoid having pixelated or blurry images when viewed on a retina-quality screen.

Test, Test and Urrgh Test

The technology and design industry is evolving every single day, and so is the demand from users. They want sites to be responsive, to be easily accessible, they want the information they require easy to find, all viewed on a site that has an eye-catching, on trend design and user friendly. On top of this users want all of the above, to work on all possible mobile devices and in this day and age, there are a lot.

You have iPhones, Android, Windows Phones, and various tablets, so once you have made your site mobile friendly test, test and test!! Just because it works well on one doesn’t mean it will on all so make sure you have tested on everything you can get your hands on.

Here at Picseli we pride ourselves on delivering mobile friendly web designs, we take on multiple projects that involve complete redesign of site or smaller projects that involved more the advice and adjustment of a current to site to improve ratings. If you would like more information or a consultation to discuss your sites mobile-friendliness feel free to contact us on: 01792 222302

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