10 Years Working In-house For Swansea's Original Boutique Hotel
Morgans is a case of what we did not design, rather than what we did!

Prior to joining Picseli Mike our creative director held a position with the Morgans Group. Mike worked for Morgans Hotel for over 10 years involved the on and offline design marketing material for Morgans.

Anything that involved design was Mike's responisbility and that goes for pretty much anything. This invloved designing everything needed to market a boutique hotel. This included leaflets, brochures, display stands and posters. Mike was also responsible for the internal graphic design which included menu's, gift cards, chack-in cards, stationary, signage and pretty much anything that ever required a designers touch!

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  • Category : Graphic Design
  • Client : Morgans Hotel
  • Business : Tourism & Leisure
  • Location : Swansea, Wales
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